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Podcast: Geospatial Concepts

Podcast episodes focused on overarching conceptions within geospatial

Aerial Imagery: The State Of The Art

Personally, I don’t feel like aerial imagery gets the attention it deserves! So I invited Michael Bewley – Senior Director of AI Systems at Nearmap back on the podcast to help bring us up to speed on the state of the art of capturing, processing, and…

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The technology stack and the cultural stack

This episode covers a wide range of topics from the role of geospatial in systems thinking – representing natural systems in location systems and how we can apply the technology behind virtual worlds to the real world.
During this conversation, it be…

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How Google Calculates Your Location

Calculating the location of your mobile device ( the blue dot ) is not as straightforward as you might imagine. It involves databases of wifi hotspots, 3D city models, IMU’s, GNSS, your proximity to cell towers, and maybe somethin…

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Cloud Optimized Point Clouds

Cloud Optimized Point Clouds ( COPC) allow you to stream point cloud data! 
Cloud Optimized Geotiffs made raster data streamable and now its time for Point Clouds to be just as accessible! 
weeklyOSM updates the community, on…

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Full Stack Cartography

We cover a lot of ground in this episode but some of the key takes are:
A key difference between visualizing non-spatial data and spatial data is that non-spatial data gives you the freedom to choose the locations of different objects. 
Design is not a…

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Thermal Imagery From Space

Applications of thermal imaging from space include monitoring wildfires, urban heat islands, economic activity, and the built environment. 
But it’s not easy 😉 
Connect with Robin Cole at
Check out the Earth Observation Hub!…

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Hex Tiles

The problem of unification: Spatial data comes in many different sizes, shapes, and formats making it a difficult and time-consuming process to join data for visualization, exploration, and analysis.
Enter the Hex Tile system!

Contact Foursquare:  conn…

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How To Keep Your Satellite Pointing At Earth

It turns out that satellites are not as passive as you might think, and in the case of earth observation satellites it’s not easy to keep them pointing at earth!
But if you have a map of the stars, a sun tracker, and are able to keep an eye on the eart…

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Bathymetric Lidar and Blue Carbon

This is a story about bathymetric Lidar… and how geo-tagged sharks led to the discovery of a huge nature-based carbon sink in the Bahamas.
More on this case study here:
The Ocean of Things 

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Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub makes satellite data easily accessible for you to be browsed or analyzed within your own environment.
Imagine something between The Microsoft Planetry Computer and Google Earth Engine and you are probably thinking about Sentinel Hub!

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