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Fire Mapping, Maritime Search And Wide Angle Imaging

This episode is a story about wide-angle imaging for fire mapping and maritime search but it’s also a story about changing the culture and getting people to trust a new way of doing things.


My guest today is Alison Harrod – mission success manager at a start-up called Overwatch imaging 


Whenever I work with a company like Overwatch Imaging it is hard to know which story to tell, we could just as easily have made an episode about AI and object detection or about smart sensors because they do those things too. 


 The decision depends on the guest and their background so after meeting Alison we decided to make this episode for you and try to give you a broad overview of what wide-angle imaging is and how it’s used in the context of fire mapping and maritime search.

…but It’s one thing to have a technology and it is another thing entirely to get people to use it … as you will hear fire mapping is not “a move fast and break things kind of situation”


Connect with Alison here!


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About the Author
I'm Daniel O'Donohue, the voice and creator behind The MapScaping Podcast ( A podcast for the geospatial community ). With a professional background as a geospatial specialist, I've spent years harnessing the power of spatial to unravel the complexities of our world, one layer at a time.