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ArcGIS Pro


Thank you for your interest in appearing on The MapScaping Podcast


We are always looking for Great Podcast Guests! 

  • Great podcast guests are people that are doing interesting work in the geospatial world.

  • Great guests understand that being on our podcast is an opportunity to teach the podcast audience something new and don’t see it as a 30 – 40-minute sales pitch.

  • Great guests are experts in their field and are happy to share their experience and knowledge with the listeners in a way that they can understand.

  • Great guests understand that their voice will be heard by thousands of people. They are prepared “to be on stage”! 

We will help you be a great guest!

The process looks like this



We set up a pre-interview with all podcast guests. This is simply an informal chat ( 45 minutes) where we have a chance to align on topics, questions, and the direction of the conversation. Its also a good chance to meet the guest before recording, check the audio quality, and provide more details about the interview process.




The Recorded Interview

If the pre-interview goes well we schedule a time to record a podcast episode ( 1 hour). There is nothing to install or download, all interviews are remote and the guest just needs a good external microphone and a quiet place to have a conversation.


Once the episode is recorded it will be edited and publish across all the major podcast directories and promoted across our social media and our website.


One more thing ...

We ask that organizations and companies contribute to the cost of producing and publishing podcast episodes. Happy to provide more details about this but don’t want to overwhelm you if you already know that this is not for you.

There are some exceptions. If you are a nonprofit organization, open-source project, or perhaps a special interest group please reach out! 

Still interested?