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About Us

The Story Behind Our Podcast

Behind The Mic

Daniel O'Donohue

Show Host

Born and raised in New Zealand, currently living in Denmark. 

I spent years working as a consultant in the geospatial industry but found myself doing highly specialized but very repetitive work. Podcasting is another way of being involved in an industry that I am fascinated with.


Nina O'Donohue


Ex-glacier guide and currently the Global Marketing lead for Lego Art … and the reason we live in Denmark. Not a geospatial expert but happy to help make the podcast a success in terms of Marketing and Strategy.

About Our Show

We started in 2018 the original idea was to create and sell minimalist maps based on elevation data. 

We quickly built a strong following across the social media platforms and soon realized that the best way to serve our audience was not to create maps for them but to educate them about all the amazing work that is being done in the geospatial industry.

This led us to shift our focus from making maps to educating people about how maps are made.

There are loads of amazing blogs and websites out there that are helping promote the work that is happening in the geospatial industry. 

After surveying the digital landscape, we thought, we could make the most impact by creating a weekly podcast that was both educational and professional.

 In early 2019 we published the first episode of The MapScaping Podcast “A podcast for the geospatial community”  

Since then the podcast has exploded! and we have introduced thousands of listeners to new ideas and innovations in the geospatial world.


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