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From GNSS to VPS

** Warning** Consuming this content may lead to educated opinions and or a better understanding of the future of location technology!


** Proceed with caution!! **


If are curious about any of the following topics this episode is for you!


Evolution of Positioning Systems
Terrestrial-based Positioning: The role of Wi-Fi positioning and the potential of 5G in positioning.


 Visual Positioning Systems (VPS)


GNSS Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites: The potential of LEO satellites in enhancing positioning and navigation.


Future of Positioning: Predictions and expectations for the future of navigation and positioning technologies.


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On the personal front, I have just moved back to New Zealand after 13 years in Denmark. It has been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of published podcast episodes. 


About the Author
I'm Daniel O'Donohue, the voice and creator behind The MapScaping Podcast ( A podcast for the geospatial community ). With a professional background as a geospatial specialist, I've spent years harnessing the power of spatial to unravel the complexities of our world, one layer at a time.