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ChatGPT and Large Language Models

I am sure you have heard of ChatGPT by now so the hope of this episode is to give you some more context about what is it built on and how it works.


To do that I invited Daniel Whitneck back on the podcast 

You can connect with Daniel here


and listen to his previous episode here:


This is perhaps the quote for the episode that I have spent the most time thinking about

“We always thought AI would be logical and lack creativity – but it is almost the exact opposite”

This reframes the idea of being wrong to being creative which I think you could argue really depends on the context! 


If you have not already played around with ChatGPT it’s well worth spending the time to experiment with it … while its still free 😉


Further listening 


If you have not already listened to this episode about computer vision and GeoAI you might find it interesting. Listen out for the discussion around plausible / realistic data and real measurements – I think this gives more context to the use cases for generative AI


You might also enjoy this episode about fake satellite imagery


BTW  I have started a job board for geospatial people

feel free to check it out!