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ArcGIS Pro

Changing language of QGIS

How to change the language settings in QGIS

Changing the language of the QGIS interface to your preferred language is a straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow to change the language settings in QGIS:

  1. Open QGIS: Start the QGIS application on your computer.
  2. Access Settings: Click on the ‘Settings’ menu in the top menu bar.
  3. Select Options: From the ‘Settings’ menu, choose ‘Options’. This will open the Options window.
  4. Go to the General Tab: In the Options window, navigate to the ‘General’ tab.
  5. Change Language Settings:
    • Check the box next to ‘Override system locale’.
    • Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu under the ‘Language’ section.
  6. Apply Changes: Click ‘OK’ to apply your changes. You may need to restart QGIS for the new language settings to take effect.

This should help you change the interface language in QGIS without any need to uninstall the software.

About the Author
I'm Daniel O'Donohue, the voice and creator behind The MapScaping Podcast ( A podcast for the geospatial community ). With a professional background as a geospatial specialist, I've spent years harnessing the power of spatial to unravel the complexities of our world, one layer at a time.