Folding paper globe: DIY activity both adults and kids would love!

September 24, 2018 2 min read

printable origami paper globes - maps that fold into globes

By Ishveena Singh

Some childhood memories just refuse to fade. And paper folding is definitely one of them. Creating a boat or an airplane from a page torn from a notebook used to be a simple pleasure of life for so many of us. Daniel and Nina at MapScaping are no different. So they thought: how about we make those memories all the more sweet by fusing it with the one thing we are so passionate about now – maps!

Presenting, do-it-yourself paper globes:

printable origami paper globes - maps that fold into globes

You would notice how they didn’t stop at just one shape. There are 12 different ready-to-fold and assemble 3D globes – each conjuring into a shape more awesome than the other.

Here’s a fun fact: These paper globes have been created using real topographic data. Which means if you fold it up just right, you will get a geographically accurate globe. We can almost envision the smiles this activity is going to bring to a geography teacher’s classroom. 

But, of course, these 3D paper globes are not just a great teaching resource. Geogeeks can turn them into a fun family project or use them as a part of GIS Day (November 14) celebrations. They can also be used as a decoration item for home or office, or to gift to someone who loves to travel.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Folding Paper Globes page on MapScaping and click on the image you like
  • You will redirected to printable a PDF file of that image
  • Take a colored printout on size A3 paper. (A4 works too, but it isn’t as much fun – especially with, well, big fingers)
  • You will find that each fold has been marked with a thin black line
  • That’s it. Get folding!

Pro tip: For more complicated designs, you can use a ruler to make sure you are getting a clean and precise fold.

And if you know someone who is as passionate about geography and maps as we are, spread some love by sharing this post with them. 


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