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ArcGIS Pro

satellite imagery

Build Your Own SaaS

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn your Python scripts into business? this episode is about a platform that can help you do that.
Jakub Dziwisz -Founder & CEO @ Orbify,
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Urban Grammar- Form, Function, Culture and Satellite Imagery

What if we could classify landscapes based on Form and Function? Could we use those classifications to train a model to recognize Form and Function ( Culture ) in satellite imagery?  
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GEDI space lasers

GEDI stands for Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation .. so, No, I have not misspelled JEDI 
This episode is all about using space Lidar to make precise measurements of forest canopy height, canopy vertical structure with the goal of measuring the carbon …

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The landsat Program

This is not a deep dive technical explanation of all things Landsat, it’s a brief overview of the Landsat mission, what it takes to launch a Landsat satellite, how the data get back to earth, and what it is used for.
There is also a brief discussion of…

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