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Positioning as a service and the role of smartphones in the future of geolocation

Smartphones are going to democratize the precise geolocation in the future. In the past years, android has giving developers access to GNNS measurements which is the step before acquiring a position fix and a prerequisite for precise positioning. One of the major cell phone manufacturers has also added a dual frequency GNNS chipset to there flagship phone. Combine these two elements with positioning as a service and everyone will have access to precise geolocation. The only question is … what will we do with it?

About the Author
I'm Daniel O'Donohue, the voice and creator behind The MapScaping Podcast ( A podcast for the geospatial community ). With a professional background as a geospatial specialist, I've spent years harnessing the power of spatial to unravel the complexities of our world, one layer at a time.

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