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Earth Observation – machine learning and artificial intelligence

Episode #47 – Daniel Bailey the Co-Founder and CTO of Astraea talks about the changing world of eath observation and some of the challenges facing the industry at the moment. We also discuss remote sensing space with regards to the Gartner Hype Cycle and discuss the role of non-traditional players in the earth observation space and what that might mean for the industry


Link to a free data discovery platform mentioned in the interview 

More information on the Gartner Hype Cycle

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About the Author
I'm Daniel O'Donohue, the voice and creator behind The MapScaping Podcast ( A podcast for the geospatial community ). With a professional background as a geospatial specialist, I've spent years harnessing the power of spatial to unravel the complexities of our world, one layer at a time.

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