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The Ultimate Guide to buying Your Map of New Zealand

 Dreaming of a trek through the Southern Alps? Or maybe you’re just in the mood to explore the Kiwi culture? You might even be one of the thousands of Kiwi expats that have chosen a life of adventure and are missing home and are looking for a way communicating who you are and where you are from in subtle way.  Whatever your reason is, maps are awesome and if you have been to New Zealand or are wanting to travel there, then studying amap of New Zealand and remind you of your travels or help inspire you to seek out new adventure in "The Land of the Long White Cloud". If you’re unsure which map is best for you, we’ll walk you through it.

Political Maps

This map is ideal for your inner tourist. It will define the city boundaries, including those of the capital city, Wellington. It will also show you the major airports as well as transport routes. It’ll show you what surrounds New Zealand and may even depict some lakes and mountains. This map is ideal if you want to find out about the surrounding oceans and any large rivers, as well as any existing governmental boundaries. As a conversational art piece, you’re probably better off with a few others we’ll discuss in a minute.

Political map of New Zealand



Road Maps

Minimalistic road map of New Zealand

If you’re looking tobuy a map of New Zealand that might inspire your next road trip, you need a road map. Apart from showing you some intense detailing about the road structure in New Zealand, this map will also show you the transit routes available: rail, road, water and so on. Especially since this map is centered on one country, it’ll be a lot more intricate and detailed, and if you have aframed map of New Zealand on your wall, it’s sure to be a point of discussion at your next dinner party!

It might look like it has a lot of clutter, but that is what adds to the beauty of it. And if you’re ever planning a vacation to New Zealand, the cities with the more linkages will be the busiest. If you’re looking for a place where you can get close to the water, you can explore cities with more water-based transit routes.

If you’re looking for a map poster of New Zealand to jazz up your study or your living room, you can even go for thematic maps.

Thematic Maps

As the name suggests, thematic maps focus on a singular topic or theme. This is where all those swirling color maps you might have seen in an Atlas come in. Whether it’s a heat map or a rainfall map, densities and coverage is depicted with different colors, often in a somewhat radial pattern.

You can even find ones that are specifically relevant to you, such as a map showing New Zealand’s crime level, poverty level, based on the location.

New Zealand Climate Map

New Zealand is overall known for its moderate temperatures, mild rainfall and plenty of sunshine. However, a simple climate map shows the region to be peppered with small areas, which do not receive the bountiful sunlight that is scattered throughout the rest of the country. While the majority of the climate is sunny and tropical, some regions get as cold as -10 degrees! This climate map will also give you an insight into the climate of the region if you choose to travel there at a certain time of the year.

New Zealand Tourism Map


You can even get your hands on a map that is solely dedicated to tourism in New Zealand. This one will give you insight into all the major travel routes, tourism routes, places that are “must-visits” and places that would also be worth the trip. If you’re someone who likes to visit famous monuments or natural sites, and you’re looking to add some more to your repertoire, this map will be a great starting point.

New Zealand Earthquake Map

Natural disasters may be, well disastrous, but they are a true spectacle of nature. A map of New Zealand’s Earthquake possibility and severity can be a great starting point if you’re studying the movement of natural disasters. While the majority of the region seems to be out of the danger zone, some outliers fall into a greater threat of suffering serious damage if an earthquake occurs.

These are just some examples of the countless different types of thematic maps you can make use of. You can find many moremaps of New Zealand that match your interests/ hobbies, or just something that you feel you might want to explore at some point.

Physical Maps & Topographic Maps

If you want to find out more about New Zealand’s landscape, such as which areas have lush green hills and valleys, which areas have more lakes and so on, topographic maps will take care of the job. Again, a similar method of color variations is made use of when depicting different terrains, their height above sea level and so on.

City Maps

If you’re interested in one particular region, say the capital of New Zealand (Wellington), then rather than getting the entire map of New Zealand, you can get a map of just Wellington. This is going to be more centered around your preferences and show more intricate details, which may not have been possible to show on a full country map, such as bike routes, cafes and much more.

Choosing Your Map Size

You don’t want to make the mistake of getting a map that doesn’t fit your wall space, or conversely, getting one that’s so tiny you might as well have torn it out of a book. Choosing the right scale of your map is key. The scale will also help determine the level of detail.

If you’re not familiar with how mapping works, let us explain what scaling means. Essentially, when you’re drawing out a map, you want to include real places and real distance, but you can’t have a piece of paper the size of New Zealand, which is where you decide to scale it down. If something is equivalent to 100,000 inches on Earth, your map may scale it down to 5 inches. In this case, the scale would follow a ratio of 20,000:1. Every feature, every route, every location on the map will be scaled down to this same level.

Since you’re on the lookout for a map of New Zealand, this scaled down map is likely to give you much more detail and information than a world map that has been scaled down.

Map Projections

The Earth is obviously 3-dimensional and mapping onto your 2-dimensional frame requires the use of projections. We won’t try and confuse you with the details, but we’ll leave you with 2 key takeaways:

  1. Leading mapping sites, including digital ones such as Google make use of Robinson mapping projections to show the 3-dimensional aspect of the globe. This is what you should also be looking for if you’re getting a print map.
  2. Mercator maps are what used to be all the rage, but they’re becoming outdated now.

When you’re getting your map, just make sure it’s up-to-date, so that apart from looking good on your wall, the map can be of functional use if you’re studying roads or themes or so on.

New Zealand – The Forgotten Land

New Zealand has faced the strange misfortune of being left off of many global maps. Whatever this oversight may be due to, such maps are obviously incorrect. This massive country is not mentioned or depicted at all.

Lucky for you, since you’re buying a map that is just of New Zealand, you’re not in danger of losing the main country. That being said, there might be cities, especially smaller ones that may have been overlooked, and if you’re invested enough to get a country-focused map, you want everything on there. This is why you need tobuy a map of New Zealand that covers all the major cities, roads, geographic terrains.

Building Your Map Collection

If you’re a map collector, you probably already have various maps of the globe and different countries. Add amap of New Zealand to this collection and give yourself the opportunity to compare the topographical differences and other variations across countries.

And it’s a good thing you’ve come to the right place to get your maps. You don’t want to end up with a piece that doesn’t give accurate depictions or leaves out important information. Our maps are not only very accurate, they’ll also become a part of your home for many many years to come.

Getting Your Map On Your Wall

Once you’ve made the mammoth decision of deciding which map to buy, it’s only a matter of getting the artwork up there. If you’re fitting the map into a pre-made frame, don’t force it in. This will cause bumps and curves to develop in your map, which will not only make it look strange, but it will also cause the paper of the map to deteriorate very fast. These grooves will likely develop into strong creases, which may also cause your map to tear. It is always a better idea to get your own custom frame.

As far as the glass casing is concerned, you may choose between plexiglass or glass. Plexiglass is light and easy to transport, but if you’re looking for something a little more long-term and want to give your map a true position of prestige, opt for real glass that won’t fog up in the sun and won’t be easily scratched or damaged.

You might even decide not to frame your map at all. In this case, you can use wall stickers to attach your map into place or even mount it onto a canvas to make it sturdier and more stable.

Expand Your Collection!

Once you’ve added the map of New Zealand to your collection, you’re one step closer to attaining a map-lover’s dream. Having a single country-focused map is basically your way of giving individual attention to each country.

Our maps are developed with intense care and offer immense amount of detail. If you’re looking for amap of New Zealand, we’ve got a great selection for you to choose from.

Whether you’re getting a map to hang up as an art piece or to feed your newfound interest in cartography, or simply to engage your kids in some good old-fashioned educational learning, we’ve got you covered. You can choose from a range of maps, including deciding what weight you want your paper to be. Whether you get it framed in a glass frame, or mounted on some wood, or just hung up as is, it’ll be a great addition to whichever room you place it in. It’ll be something interesting just for observation, a great conversation starter or some inspiration for you to get out and explore the world.

If you get a map of New Zealand, it’ll be a great way to learn about a country that is often unfortunately left off many global maps. This culture-rich land of the Kiwis has much to offer, both in terms of tourism or if you want to study it geographically. So what are you waiting for? Find your desiredmap of New Zealand now.