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Podcast Guest Interview

Information for the interview

Awesome! I am really looking forward to this interview! Here are just a few things you need to think about before we record.


Firstly it's really important to remember that this is not a 30-40 minute sales pitch. The best and most engaging episodes are the ones where the guest is a teacher and an expert and not a salesperson.


  • I find that the best audio comes from an external microphone if you have any video conferencing headsets or microphones have them with you for the call.


    •  You need to keep in mind that if we record and publish a podcast episode with you it will be listened to by thousands of people! You would not go on stage in front of an audience of thousands and use a microphone that doesn’t work.


    • Blue-Tooth headsets do not produce great audio quality, I have no idea why this is but please do not use them! 


        • The recording software I use works best from a desktop or laptop computer using a chrome browser


          • Find a quiet place


            • I will update the link in your calendar closer to the call. I use a software called cleanfeed so you will see a link to that in your calendar.

            All published podcast episodes are highly edited! MapScaping Aps reserves the right to complete creative control over this process. 


            Subscribe to the podcast here. If you haven't already listened to one or two episodes please do so, it will give you an idea of the structure and interview style.

            Apple Podcasts  -Stitcher -Google Podcasts -Spotify

            The Podcast RSS feed:https://mapscaping.podbean.com/feed.xml

            Pro tip

            I spend 999999999% more time promoting the episodes where the guest has taken the time to share the podcast with their network - before and after their episode is published! 


            Happy to connect with you on LinkedIN 

            I am really looking forward to recording with you!