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Map Challenge

This Map Challenge is sponsored by Safegraph

In this map challenge the data you will be working with is a combination of two of Safegraph data sets Geometry and Patterns. The data is provided in .csv format where Geometry and Patterns have been joined into one file. You can find more documentation on these two different data sets here . The Data it self is a polygon data set all the physical retail location in the greater New York area. 


Here is an overview of the Geometry Data 

safegraph_place_id Unique and consistent ID that is tied to this POI. String sg:64d0ee4695af4ab4906fe82997ead9ff
polygon_wkt The shape of the place of interest, formatted as Well-Known Text (WKT). String Polygon ((-121.66331045329571 36.715207502522354, …, -121.66331045329571 36.715207502522354))
polygon_class There are 2 possible values: 1) OWNED_POLYGON: indicates that the polygon describes the POI itself. However, if we do not have a POI's co-tenant of a building in our dataset it is possible that a POI will have the OWNED_POLYGON value but in actuality, the polygon includes another tenant. 2) SHARED_POLYGON: indicates that at least two POI shared the same polygon. This could be, for example, because (a) the polygon is attached to this POI as well as a parent / enclosing structure (e.g. the mall that contains this POI), or (b) “peer” POI are given the single polygon (e.g. POI on different floors). See also, Places Manual String OWNED_POLYGON
includes_parking_lot Whether or not the polygon includes the parking lot or just the building. Boolean false
is_synthetic If true then this is not a precise POI footprint polygon, but instead is an inferred polygon from an accurate centroid, category-based radius, and heuristics like avoiding overlap with roads. Boolean false


Here is an overview of the Pattern data set

safegraph_place_id Unique and consistent ID that is tied to this POI. String sg:64d0ee4695af4ab4906fe82997ead9ff
parent_safegraph_place_id If place is a tenant / sub-store inside a larger place (e.g. mall, airport, stadium), this lists the safegraph_place_id of the parent place, otherwise null. String sg:3134d87532ae4e32acf4007eb03eabb5
location_name The name of the place of interest. String Salinas Valley Ford Lincoln
safegraph_brand_ids Unique and consistent ID that represents this specific brand. List SG_BRAND_80ca06abfa1a5104af9a770f485dad07, SG_BRAND_aa45997477591e27601c436bcb228d6f
brands If this POI is an instance of a larger brand that we have explicitly identified, this column will contain that brand name. This is an easy way to, for example, unambiguously select all Target stores in the USA. A POI may have multiple brands, as in a new car dealership that sells ford and lincoln cars. List Ford, Lincoln
top_category The label associated with the first 4 digits of the POI’s NAICS category. String Automobile Dealers
sub_category The label associated with all 6 digits of the POI’s NAICS category. String New Car Dealers
naics_code 6-digit NAICS code describing the business. Integer 441110
latitude Latitude coordinate of the place of interest. Float 36.714767
longitude Longitude coordinate of the place of interest. Float -121.662912
street_address Street address of the place of interest. String 1100 Auto Center Circle
city The city in which this point of interest is located. String Salinas
region When iso_country_code == US, then this is the USA state or territory. When iso_country_code == CA, then this is the Canadian Province or territory. String BC
postal_code When iso_country_code == US, then this is the USA 5 digit zip code. When iso_country_code == CA, then this is the Canadian postal code in the form of a 3 digit Forward Sortation Area (FSA), a space, and the 3 digit Local Delivery Unit (LDU). String V6G 1B6
phone_number The phone number of this POI String +14151234567
open_hours A JSON string with days as keys and opening & closing times (in the POI's local time) as values. See more info in Places Manual open_hours String { "Mon": [["8:00", "22:00"]], "Tue": [["8:00", "13:00"], ["18:00", "24:00"]], "Wed": [["0:00", "2:00"]], "Thu": [["0:00", "24:00"]], "Fri": [["23:00", "24:00"]], "Sat": [["0:00", "3:00"], ["15:00", "22:30"]], "Sun": [] }
iso_country_code The 2 letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. Expected values are US and CA. String US


 The rules.

  • You are only allowed to use this data to create your maps! 
  • You can use all or only part of the dataset ... its up to you
  • You are welcome to use any software, analysis and visualisation techniques your choose
  • You are welcome to create an static maps and or animations
  • Entries must be submitted by the 16th of December
  • You can submit multiple maps

The Prize.

The winner will be sent one of these amazing self rotating globes! and noteworthy entries will be shared on MapScaping's and Safegraph's social media channels and website!

MOVA Globes Video from MOVA Globes on Vimeo.


To help support participates during what we hope will be the first of many map challenges we have created a private Facebook Group so people can help and learn from each other.

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