Albania has been closed to tourists for much of the 20th century but with the end of communism in early 1990 more and more people have been discovering this beautiful land.  Albania's capital Tirana is relatively central but still on the edge of the coastal plains and inland from Durres. The landscape of Albania is dominated by hills and mountains which are clearly visible on our 3D Style maps. From Northern Albanian Alps at the top end of the country to the Pindus Mountains east of Vlore the topography of Albania is truly amazing. The coastal planes of the east coast of Albania appear darker in the shaded version of our maps whereas the areas of higher elevation are lighter. The total land area of Albania is approximately 27,398 square km or 10578 square miles. The highest point is Mt. Karabit in the Korab mountains, at 9,066 ft or 2,764 m. By using elevation data to create these highly detailed maps of the Albanian landscape we have created a simple but fascinating perspective of the country of Albania that is sure to start a conversation!. 

Discover Albania, you might be surprised by what you find!