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Geospatial podcast about GIS, remote sensing, earth observation and the mapping industry

The Problem With Satellite Data Is That It Is Not A Commodity

by Daniel ODonohue 6 min read

 A commodity is a standard, interchangeable product or good which may be used as the input for creation of another product or service. While imagery absolutely satisfies the second part of this definition, we will see that it is far from standardized, or interchangeable. In short, no,satellite imagery is not a commodity.

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Introduction to Synthetic-aperture Radar (SAR) earth observation and remote sensing

Introduction to Synthetic-aperture Radar SAR

by Daniel ODonohue 18 min read


Instead of one long antenna that sends one big pulse at one time and then collects the pulses that come back, SAR have a much smaller antenna that sends lots of pulses in quick succession over time as the satellite goes through space.It “listens” to the pulses that come back to it when it moves through its orbit.That’s why the name synthetic is applied to the radar.

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