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Remote sensing data collection using Radio Frequency GIS geospatial remote sensing podcast for digital geographers

Radio Frequency Data Collection

by Daniel ODonohue 6 min read

Remote sensing with a difference. That’s what Ellen Christopherson, CEO and founder of clearGrid, is here to talk about.  Their unique way of collecting radio frequency (RF) data makes them a valuable partner for utility and energy companies that do any type of meter readings and billings. Ellen’s background in aviation engineering gives her an edge to see how technology can deliver efficiency in this space.
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GIS and Geospatial podcast, remote sensing and robotics

Robotics, remote sensing and facilities management

by Daniel ODonohue 9 min read

The Mars Rover Project.  Autonomous robots monitoring substations.  How is this all relevant to the geospatial community? Scott Nowicki is happy to clarify. He explains the technology that enables robots to integrate detailed maps, orientate, and move around their environments as they go on their daily business and build detailed change detection maps for substations and facilities management. But the question is, can they and do they truly add value to operations where human presence is difficult or unnecessary?
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Remote sensing and earth observation podcast

Remote sensing and future of earth observation

by Daniel ODonohue 1 min read

The future of remote sensing and earth observation might be open, collaborative and involve much more end user education that you expect. DR Aliastra Graham shares his observations based on 20 years of experience in the industry.
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