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GeoNode open source geospatial content management system, GIS and Geospatial podcast

GeoNode - Open Source Geospatial Content Management System

by Daniel ODonohue 5 min read

GeoNode is an open-source geospatial platform, catalog, and content management system (CMS). The general functionality can be most likened to ArcGIS Online. Users can create filtered searches for their choice of geospatial data, by using keywords, and even filtering locations by selecting a bounding box on a map.
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Access to spatial data, geospatial podcast for spatial people

Access to spatial data - making room for unexpected contributors

by Daniel ODonohue 18 min read

Are we making data available to those unexpected contributors? And are we making it available at a resolution sharp enough or high enough for the Dr. John Snows to have found that well?
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