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Geospatial visualisations matter - Civil engineering meets online gaming

October 02, 2019 1 min read

Geospatial visualization and GIS data podcast


 Removing the barriers to entry by making it easy to create immersive geodata visualisations that tell a story and explain a process. Maple Precision has incorporated insights from the gaming industry to create a platform that organises spatial data for a variety of different open data sources and lets users create 3D animations in web browser.       


This episode is sponsored by HiveMapper

A platform that takes video and creates 3D mapping layers based on that data. The video can be from avariety of different sensors, does not need to be vertically looking down on the geography and each 3D output is georeferenced 

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GIS geospatial podcast spatial-temporal data - every thing happens somewhere and at sometime

July 03, 2020 11 min read

Everything happens at a location and at a specific time. Why have GIS standards ignored the temporal aspect of data, why don't we have the same kind of functionality for spatial-temporal data that we have for spatial data? Anita Graser, the creator of the time manager plugin for QGIS answers these questions.

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Polygons of Ownership
Polygons of Ownership

June 24, 2020 10 min read

Property is surrounded by a legal space that the government defined and sectioned off to the owner with a street address for tax purposes.  It’s a polygon, rectangle, or square space. A host of other information is connected to that parcel, such as when it was first subdivided, is there a structure on it, and does it have utility hookups?  What are the permissions, zoning, and taxes owed on it? 
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Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

June 22, 2020 6 min read

Jupyter Notebooks are an interface for combining code, documentation, and data access.  Previously, your data was held in one location.  You coded somewhere else and output it to a different folder which you opened to see what your code did. A notebook is a single place where you combine code, workflow, documentation, and the results.
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