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Disrupting ESRI - Why it is hard to build a big geospatial business

March 18, 2020 1 min read

Disrupting ESRI - Why it is hard to build a big geospatial business

 A podcast for the geospatial community

This episode is all about why it is so difficult to build a really big geospatial business and what it would take to disrupt ESRI. My guest on the show is Ariel Seidman CEO and Co-Founder of Hivemapper


This episode is sponsored by GraphHopper 

GraphHopper provides web services to add for route planning, navigation and route optimization to your application in the food delivery industry or for traveling salesmen. 


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Open source GIS business, QGIS geospatial software
Business Built On Open Source GIS

October 28, 2020 10 min read

WHAT IS OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE? It’s software thatshares the actual instruction code, and the binary you run on your computer. There are different versions and variants of how that sharing happens. Essentially, you get access to the underlying recipe of the software. You can modify it and adapt it for your needs. This episode is all about building a business based on open source GIS software.

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location Privacy and Data Ethics
location Privacy and Data Ethics

October 22, 2020 8 min read

On one side, we have the promise of personalization of being seen and understood, provided we share our data about how we interact with the world. That data can be used to make things better. On the other side, we risk being exposed or being manipulated and treated like a product instead of the customer. In terms of data privacy, location plays a massive role. We, the geospatial community, play a role in this conversation.

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Communicating with maps - The art of cartography
Communicating with maps - The art of cartography

October 05, 2020 9 min read

Artists, mathematicians, and scientists think about their work as a structure that already exists. Their job is to chip away at the detritus. They clear the noise and the content that distracts. They dig up the bones of a fossil and work on revealing a structure that’s already there.

Take Michelangelo, who, by his own admission, was onlyfreeing David from the surrounding marble.

Mapmakers let the geographic content ̶ the data and the layers ̶ communicate.

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