The Topography of Denmark

June 11, 2017

Denmark is not known for its mountain landscape, and for good reason. With an average height of about 31 meters or 101 feet above sea level, the most interesting topographical feature or features are the over 440 named islands that make up the country. In addition to these islands Denmark consists of a large Peninsula that boarders Germany called Jutland. The hilly central area of Jutland is home to the highest natural point in Denmark, Mollehoj, at approximately 170 meters or 560 feet. The lowest point is located Lammefjord and is 7 meters below sea level.

The country is drained by about a dozen rivers the longest of which is the Geuden at 160 km or 99 miles.      

The animation below shows the landscape of Denmark displayed in “3D”. This animation is based on real elevation data collected at 30 square meter intervals or one measurement for every  98 square feet. The relative height have been exaggerated by a factor of 50 in order to clearly visualize the features in the landscape.

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