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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Map Games

August 14, 2019 5 min read

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Map Games

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Map Games

The advent of Pokémon Go popularized the concept of playingmap games online. But the concept of geographical games has been around for much longer. Whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or phone, you’re likely to play games at some point. Whether you’re a child looking for afterschool activities or a millennial on your way to work, you’re likely to play amap game at some point.

There are countless options available online, but here are our top picks forgeography map games you’ll enjoy playing in your free time.


This game falls second only to Pokemon Go. The game is a mix of virtual reality and science fiction where gamers hold the power to decide how to use a new substance known as “Exotic Matter”. Gamers are divided into opposing teams of agents who engage in a virtual power struggle to claim “portals” which are represented by real places on the map. Attaining a trifecta of portals gives that team control over that particular area.

The game uses a GPS system with built-in maps to guide you to the locations of the Exotic Matter. It’s free and available for both Android and Apple users.


This game takes the thrill of virtual gaming a step further. Apart from offering the experience of being outdoors and enjoying the digital realm, Zombies, Run! adds the thrill of being chased by virtual zombies. It can be considered as a form of gaming and exercise for the ultimate 2-in-1 experience! In fact, among most of its gamers, it is considered to be a “fitness game”.

The player is the superhero who is being chased by zombies. When you play, you are free to walk in your bedroom, loiter in the street, or jog by the beach. The game has special rewards for those who move at a faster pace. It’s ideal for both Android and Apple users.


Landlord takes the concept ofonline map games a step further. You can be the Wolf of Wall Street, but the risks you’ll take will be purely virtual! Use virtual money to buy real land, companies, buildings and landmarks. Once you own certain property, you can make other gamers pay rent at the location you own if they check-in over there via Facebook or Foursquare. You can expand your virtual empire by using your virtual business value to attain access to Wi-Fi, VIP clubs and so on. You can even use real cash to buy virtual money. Explore your inner business tycoon through Landlord through both Android and Apple devices.


Geocaching can be considered as the trendsetter for onlinegeography map games. It started development around the time that GPS systems started entering into our lives. The game involves players who hide containers that can be tracked via GPS coordinates, and those who find these containers get to open them and either just sign their name there, or unlock other exciting surprises.

If players discover something in the container, they must replace it with an item of equal or more value. It doesn’t have an elaborate plot like Ingress or Zombies, Run!, but it has been around long enough to have a strong base of loyal gamers.

Geocaching isn’t a single game, it is a community of similar geo-tracking games that have variants available for both Android and Apple users.

Turf Wars

“Get off my Land!” is a cliché we’ve all jokingly used at some point or the other and it pretty much sums up the concept of Turf Wars. Players can claim ownership over real places and protect it from other players. Weapons and other options are available for you to defend your property. In fact, while you have virtual ownership over a certain property, other players may have to pay tax for their own protection on your “turf”. The more you expand your empire, the more power you have. Strategies can be shared with friends and foes in the game. Unleash your power-hungry side virtually and amass a grand empire in Turf Wars.


This is another one for all those secret business tycoons. This game makes use of a GPS tracking system to help you find real places with resources like mineral or gold deposits which you can extract, refine and use to get cash and expand your “operations”. Competitors may try to destroy your sources, take over your property and build their own mining facilities in its place. The trick is to get workers who increase your strength and help you wreck mines of other players.

It requires a little more skill and mental processing than some other games which also makes it more interesting and engaging. The game also comes up with frequent updates to maintain players’ interest.

GPS Tycoon

This game operates within your own neighborhood. The game links you to Google Maps and divides the area into four regions. Once these areas have been marked, you can start buying property. You receive money for that property which gives you the opportunity to buy more land. You can only buy land which is available on the grid marked on your map. To expand your reign, you can travel to new locations and grab more land.


It’s a virtual global power struggle with a leaderboard displaying global leaders. This inspires players to get more competitive and play and move around more to get more property.

The Great Land Grab

This GPS tracking game is ideal for travelers. Claim land and fight enemies on the go. Ol’ Henry, the game guide will help you on the way by telling you where to go and how to fight your enemies. It’s ideal for players who aren’t familiar with online games. Make your holiday more interesting by adding a virtual adventure on the way!

Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt

This fun game makes use of your phone camera. Once the game starts, you have to be really quick because you’ll only have 20 seconds to complete your task. All you need to do is find the items which Google sends your way.

Color Planet

This multi-player GPS tracking game is your first step to saving the planet. Your virtual worker will pick up scattered parts and return them in order to save the planet. Crystals are used in the game to improve your worker’s strengths. The more parts you return to their rightful place, the more points you get which is the only way to the top of the leader board.

There’s ageography map game for everyone out there, from the secret business tycoon, to the possessive landlord to all the virtual knights in shining armor, so start downloading and get playing!

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