7 stunning pieces of topographic art and design you shouldn’t miss

October 22, 2018

7 stunning pieces of topographic art and design you shouldn’t miss

By Ishveena Singh

While topography may be a field of earth science that studies the shape and features of the surface of the Earth, topographic art transcends the boundaries of pre-existing patterns. Hanging somewhere between physical and emotional geography, topographic art is a psychedelic mix of creativity, science, and culture. The beautiful and communicative works below deconstruct the natural beauty that surrounds us to reveal fragments of endlessness. Enjoy!

 Geo Side Table


This spectacular specimen of topographic art has been created by Isotrope Design, a Los Angeles based contemporary furniture company whose collection known to have been inspired by topography and landscape. This side table has been designed using pine and acrylic by sisters Micol and Sael Bartolucci who maintain they like to play around with depth, form shapes, and line quality to create functional pieces of art.

Lake Superior


This handmade, layered paper art piece has been inspired by the chilly waters of the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior, US. The artist has beautifully captured the grand water body’s spooky depths, a rich geological history, and monster-sized, prehistoric-looking sturgeon.

The Visual Topography of a Generation Gap


New York-based artist Daniel Bejar, whose works are a representation of history, place, and the self, found an unlikely inspiration in his apartment key for this topographic art. He explains, “A copy was made from my original apartment key, then a copy was made from that copy, then a copy from that copy. This process was repeated until the original keys information was destroyed, resulting in the topography of a generation.”

Mister Olympia Dexter Jackson


Stefanie Herr’s works blur the lines between photography and sculpture. She describes her art as photographic relief sculpture which has a special focus in geography. Topographic charts are her primary source of inspiration and constitute an indispensable tool within her creative practice. Generally made from cardboard and paper, Herr’s pieces are painstakingly cut and assembled by hand.



Presented as a part of a summer exhibit by the Architectural Association, School of Architecture, in London, Driftwood has been inspired by the Jordanian city of Petra. This curvaceous beauty, conceived by Danecia Sibingo, has 28 layers of plywood that are flowing in a self-assuming organic shape to showcase the author’s love for carving, eroding, and layering elements of topography.

Metropol Parasol


This iconic wooden structure situated in Seville, Spain, is the brainchild of Berlin-based architect Jürgen Mayer H. It has over 3,000 joints that are held together by a special glue. In an interview with Icon, Mayer has explained how he often shift scales of various elements found on site. For this particular structure, the vaulted spaces of Seville cathedral and the trees of the surrounding squares provided references.

Alphabet Topography


Created by multidisciplinary design studio Synoptic Office, Alphabet Topography is a monotype typeface that maps the rhythmic ebb and flow of English. In other words, the height of the letterforms is determined by how often a letter is used. Each letter sits in a 6 x 6 inch square, allowing for any combination of letters to run seamlessly both vertically and horizontally.

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