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Minimalistic Maps of Denmark

May 28, 2019 2 min read

Minimalistic Maps of Denmark

These maps are based on OpenStreetMap data and offer a minimalistic view of Denmark. The interesting here is that there are certain infrastructure and certain features in the landscape that covers enough of the landscape that the country of Denmark can be represented using a single theme. 


 Denmark is well known for its cycleways and for its attitude to cycling as a means of transport. The map above shows all of the cycleways in Denmark. Of course, when we talk about all of the bike paths, we are of course referring to all of the bike paths in the database of bike baths. This map and all of these minimalistic maps of Denmark are based on data from OpenStreetMap database. This database is based on crowd-sourced data. While it is entirely possible that this map could represent all of the bike paths in Denmark but it is more likely that there are a few bike paths that are not represented on this map and of course this is just a snapshot in time. 

 This minimalistic map of Denmark represents the country by simply visualizing polygons of forests in Denmark. It's worth noting that even the small islands that make up Denmark a visible here. Not all of them of course, there are about 406 islands in Denmark. Not including the Faroe Islands or Greenland. Some 70 of them are populated but the remainder are uninhabited. 

 Large areas of land are often devoted to transport networks, and these transport networks can be divided into several different themes. The above map attempts to show a minimalistic view of Denmark based on motorways. In the previous maps, you might have noticed that Denmark is made up of several islands, here we can see the motorway network provides an unbroken link between the major island. So it is safe to assume that there are bridges built between these major islands and that the smaller inhabited islands are linked to the mainland by ferry or airline service.

 Another transport network, this time railways are used to show a minimalistic view of Denmark. Again its obvious the network is unbroken and therefore makes use of bridges or tunnels to join the major island and the mainland of Jutland together. 


 This minimalist map of Denmark was created using all the roading data available from the OpenStreetMap project. This map really highlights the importance of road transport in terms of national infrastructure. It is worth mentioning that this does not represent all the tracks or unclassified paths that vehicles can and do travel on. This map is made up of primary, secondary, residential, and tertiary roads.  

 Here, Denmark is mapped using waterways. 

This minimalistic map of Denmark is made using wetlands. Denmark is the relatively low-lying country with the highest point being under 200 meters. So you might expect that there would be more wetland areas than what you see on this map. The reason why there is not a higher density of wetland areas might be because of Denmark's has a dense population and the need for land may have resulted in many wetland areas being drained for farming purposes.