Interactive Submarine Cable Map

February 22, 2018 1 min read

Interactive Submarine Cable Map

TeleGeography's free Submarine Cable Map is an interactive way of exploring the ways in which our world is connected.  This map has all the features we have come to expect from interactive web maps.

So How many cables are there?

As of early 2017, there are approximately 428 submarine cables in service around the world.

The total number of cables is constantly changing as new cables enter service and older cables are decommissioned.

Are the submarine cable paths shown the actual route taken by the cables?

No. The cable routes on our map are stylized and do not reflect the actual path taken by systems.

This design approach makes it easier to follow different cables and discern their landing points. In real life, cables that cross similar areas of an ocean take similar paths. These paths are chosen after comprehensive marine surveys that select routes to avoid hazardous conditions, which could potentially damage a cable.

Worth checking out!